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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Days of the Week/Months of the Year

Posters to share the days of the week and months of the year in Māori.
Click on the image to open the download site. Posters are Pdfs and will print to A3.
Please link back to my blog if you add these items to your blog, website or web collection - thanks.


  1. Love these word sheets

  2. Hi there,
    firstly, your resources are lovely. Thanks for making them available to others.
    I had a pinterest image pop up which was for a maori feeling chart, but I can't find it anywhere on your blog. Are you able to let me know where I can access it from?

    1. Two appologies Robyn,
      Sorry to reply so late!
      Number 2 - the resource was made with images I was given as a hard copy and the owner was unknown. I have since found where it came from and I am unwilling to take any risks associated with copyright so have withdrawn it from the blog. Fingers crossed that it doesn't cause me issues at any point. Lesson learnt!