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Monday, 27 June 2011

Martian Fractions

Saturday saw me at the PMA (Primary Mathematics Association) Seminar Day where I listened to some great speakers including Vince Wright, Peter Hughes and Bobbie Hunter. 
Bobby shared the way she introduces fractions using a linear model within the context of martian chocolate bars.  When children have a strong sense of fractions as imaged quantities martian fractions can then be used to introduce children to a set model.  This was something I wanted to use with my children in the following week so I created this martian clipart to introduce the story -
"We all know that Martians are blue (in movies anyway) and they only like to eat blue food.  Martian chocolate is always blue and comes in only one length (one whole).  The chocolate we eat is many colours and comes in different lengths.  We are going to compare martian chocolate bars with ours." 
Click on the images to open the download page.
Green Matt Martian - here
This link leads to Developing Communities of Mathematical Inquiry based on Bobby's research.
Dr Roberta Hunter – Senior Lecturer  
Massey University, School of Education - Albany

Friday, 24 June 2011

Explanation Writing Posters

These posters were created to share text features information from TKI with my children when they are writing explanations - a focus for our school wide writing moderation and professional development this year.
The TKI Link is here.
Click on the thumbnail to open the download site - will print to A3.
The following are organisers for children's books - sized to print on A4 or US Letter
Click thumbnails for link to download site

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Reading Owl Clipart

This owl clipart was created at 300dpi as a .png file and will size to A3.  I have used it on a Library Area display board.  Included are the owl alone and on the branch.  Please click on the images to open them in a new window where they can be enlarged and the black backgrounds will disappear.

Add some additional leaves for a 3D display.
The poem is from a Belair Publication I bought when I was first teaching (a long time ago!) called Handwork Galore compiled and illustrated by David E. Corney.  It was published in 1972 - but I wasn't teaching then!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Solid, Liquid and Gas

These posters will print to A3 at 300dpi.  Created for part of a display showing our investigations into the states of matter.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Writing Checklist

Each year I begin my writing programme by introducing writing goals that cover all genres.  This poster and checklist for books help children remember their goals.
Another one
The following is a copy for the children's books.
Click the images to open the download site.  The poster is A3 and the checklist will fit on a A4 sheet.

Font - High Fiber

High Fiber is a popular font with those of us who are 'font junkies' at my school.  The following links take you to sites where 'High Fiber' is a free download - have fun with it!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Changes - Science

Our current schoolwide theme is 'Changes' with a major focus on science.  I created this 'Scientist' for our classroom display.  The original was found on the 'How to Draw Funny Cartoons' website -
It is A3 and 300dpi so should print well for you - click the image to open the download page

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Robot Clipart

These robots can be used in many ways.  The open faced graphic is perfect for adding children's faces and using for learning target displays.
Click on an image to open the download page.  The example with the child's face is not available for download.  Resize well to A3.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Number Wheels

Number knowledge is an important part of the Numeracy Programme in New Zealand schools.  I made these posters from an original document given to me by Team Solutions - Numeracy Facilitators.  I use them within a whole class warm up or knowledge teaching within a small group.  They can be used in independent learning time by an individual student, with a thinking buddy or a small group.

Click on each image to open the download site - Created as A3 size at 300dpi.