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100 Days

100 Day Celebration
I have updated the 100 Day countdown posters I use in my class to countdown the day until our 100 day celebration to match my current class decor. They are laminated and we can mark each day off as we count to 100 with a whiteboard marker.  They are great for place value and before and after number knowledge.
 Click on the images to open the download page.
Yesterday was our 100th Day of learning at school for 2013.  We had some challenges to complete by ourselves and as a class.  We blew up over 100 balloons but when we came to count them there were only 93!  Some had gone pop!  Here we are in our 100 day smarter prince and princess crowns.
Here are some of the activities we completed.  Click on the image to open the download site.

100 Day Posters
These are the posters I use to countdown the number of days until our 100th day celebration and then to see if we have 200 days in our school year.  They are laminated and then we can mark them off each day with a whiteboard marker.
Click on the images for the link to the download.
Daily Number
We are counting down the school days until the 100th day when we will have a celebration day.  For a maths warm up we record the number on this chart and complete the activities.
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Here is the daily maths warm-up for the second 100 days at school.
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  1. Fabulous resources. Thank you so much.