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Spelling - Word Wall
This document has a page for each letter and includes all words from the NZ essential list and some others. I print and put on the classroom walls for children to check when editing and after conferencing with me.
Click the image to open the download, you do not have to request access.

The clipart is from ScrappinDoodles except the Narwhal (my creation).

Word Work Activities
Children can choose a number of activities to practise their spelling or word work lists.

There are twelve different activities in the file –
ABC Order
Pyramid Writing
Rainbow Writing
Bubble Writing
What's it Worth?
Colour Words
Fabulous Fonts
Letter Tiles
Magnetic Letters
Spelling Patterns
Whiteboard Letters
Vowels and Consonants
Word Work – Boggle
This document has ten different boggle pages. Click on the image to open the download.
Word Work – Scrabble Tiles 
Click on the image to open the download.
Word Work – Rainbow Words
Click on the image to open the download.
Spelling and Word Work Lists
Children can use their own spelling lists (selected from writing approximations) or choose from the New Zealand Essential lists or Dolch lists.
Click on images to open downloads.
Word Work Title
This title can be printed over two A3 landscape pages to create a banner for your Word Work centre.


  1. Thank you so much for these resources! A beginning teacher here slowly trying to build a bank of resources. You're very kind to share these :)

  2. Fantastic resources, thank you for sharing.