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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Summerland Basic Sight Words

This year I am working with a child who needs to develop a bank of sight words.  We play a game where the child collects the known words and I am left with the unknown.  I haven't won yet and the smiles this creates are a joy to see.  I wanted to make a new set of cards to use instead of the very plain ones I found from a few years ago.  Aliens or monsters are a favourite.  The words are ones we use on our assessment sheet but I'm sure are pretty standard world wide - please comment if you would like others and I'll happily make.  There are four sets of 30 cards in the first three and 24 in the fourth.  Click on the thumbnails to open the download page.  Please link back to my blog if you add my work to your blog, web collection or website - thanks.
These cards are 8 x 8 cm when printed on A4.  Please click on the link for the download.


  1. I absolutely loves these!!!! Do you have them in Preprimer, Primer, 1st grade, and 2nd grade sets as well? If not, do you have a template that I could use to make my own sets?


  2. On the blog now - thanks for the request.